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Knowing the make up of your building and the systems in control is the frist step in understanding what efficiencies can be gained.

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Understanding your environment is key to knowing where you can save energy.

By using a dedicated associate energy efficiency consultant, Palcon can help you examine all aspects of your building, from the materials used in its construction, plant equipment, lighting etc. as well as energy being used.

We'll assist is reviewing the detailed report and ascertain where oportunities for saving energy exist as well as potential enhancements to your systems to help reduce life-cycle costs.

The results could be simple immediate solutions such as setting your heating temperatures lower or turning your mechanical plant off earlier, through to more complex engineered solutions like 'soft starting' pumps and fan motors, integrating services or changing to more efficient components.

What ever the outcome we're here to help and assist in achieving your targets.



Have you had got your Energy Audit Report?

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