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As much as 85% of your buildings energy consumption could be under the control of a Building Management System (BEMS).

Are you in control of your BEMS?

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The management and control of modern buildings has grown ever more sophisticated and all Building Management System needs to be tailored to suit the customers specific requirements.

The installation of Building Management Systems have proven track records in being a cost effective way for users to cut their energy consumption, typically making savings of more than 25%. With Palcon you can significantly reduce the energy consummed within your building, using an asset you probably already own.

We believe it is vital to consider both the immediate and long term needs of the clients. Utilizing systems that are highly reliable, easy-to-use and future proof. All factors that help reduce whole life system costs.

We can provide onsite surveys and energy audits to help you increase your carbon reduction, along with remote monitoring and smart metering solutions to help you meet you emissions targets.




Whats Your Energy Efficiency Rating?


Did you know using an inverter can save as much as 25% energy over conventional motor control methods?

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