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Understanding where your energy is being used and how much are key to unlocking potential savings.

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In order to get to where you're going, you must first establish where you're coming from. Implementing a targeted energy reduction and management programme is no different, and it's essential to know not just how much energy your using, but where and why as well.

Real time energy metering and collection are just the starting point and what you do with this information is key to developing a successful regime.

At Palcon Energy Services, we can help you interpret what to do with your collected data and how best to make this essential information benefit you most in helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

The information harvested can be processed further by a dedicated Energy Monitoring System together with conventional meters to provide you real time and historical costs or simply displayed on large display screens for educational use.

Metering solutions can be installed as stand alone systems, or integrated into your existing Building Management System.



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