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There are many other services that are housed in today's Plant Rooms. These could include chilled water, fire prevention electrical services, power distribution, security, and lift operation controls. Palcon Energy Services Ltd has expertise, the best engineering solutions and consistently high standards of engineering to monitor and maintain all these services.

However, like any piece of machinery, a building’s intelligent systems have to be kept in optimal condition.

If these systems are working to less than their designed performance, energy and maintenance costs will rise and environmental/ambient conditions will suffer. Palcon Energy Services Ltd provides a complete range of tuning, fault rectification and upgrades.


• Specification Development
• Advice on integration issues
• Preparation of control schematics
• Preparation of budgetary costs
• Energy Audits
• Condition Surveys
• Design Engineering
• Project Management
• Supply of intelligent building control
• Manufacture of control panels
• Electrical installation
• Structured installation

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